Power Transformer Definition 
a transformer that is used to transform AC power in power system networks, radio apparatus, and automatic systems. A power transformer operates with a constant effective voltage. The frequency of power-transformer current in most countries, including the USSR, is 50 hertz (Hz); in the USA and some other countries it is 60 Hz. Power transformers are the most common class of transformers. Transformers have been built (1975) for a power of 1300 megavolt-amperes and a voltage of 750 kilovolts. (For more detail, see.).continue..

• An understanding of the fundamental theory and principles of the operation of power transformers
• An insight into the identification and application of transformers' types
• An understanding of the power transformers components and their construction
• Knowledge of power transformer protection
• An understanding of power transformers oil and oil tests and interpretation of results
• Knowledge of the most effective power transformer electrical tests
• Skills in how to manage power transformer breakdowns to ensure a minimum disruption.continue..

Type: Outdoor use, Oil Immersed, Core type, Copper Windings, Off-Load Tap Changer, 2 Windings with Rubber Diaphram Conservator,
manufactured according to ANSI C57.12.00 Std., for use as Step-down Transformer in an Electric Utility Distribution Substation.
Complete with necessary accessories.
Rated Capacity  : 20/26/33 MVA (OA/FA1/FA2)
No. of Phases   : 3 – phase
Frequency   : 60hz

We can not deny the fact that only a handful of electrical engineering students are presently familiar with power transformers especially on what it looks like. Unlike a transformer we found in our homes, a power transformer’s appearance and construction is somewhat more complicated. It is not just a simple winding with a primary and secondary terminal although basically any transformer has one. The function that a power transformer plays in an electrical system is very important that an electric utility can not afford to loss it during its operation. Our discussion here will focus more on the basic parts and functions of a power transformer that are usually tangible whenever you go to a substation. Although not all power transformers are identical, nonetheless they all have the following listed parts in which the way of construction may differ..continue..

A power transformer is considered to be a major electrical equipment found in every substation because of its function and since it is the largest, heaviest, and the most expensive device. That is why proper care and protection are done to insure that this device would not be easily damage if faults and overloading will occur. Protective devices like circuit breakers, surge arresters and fuses are usually used to do so..continue..


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