How to splice electrical wire? 
When working on an electrical project, taking care that all the connections are made well and will last isn’t just about getting the job done right, it’s also a matter of safety. Poorly joined, or spliced, wires can lead to electrical shorts and become a fire hazard. The good news is that splicing wires is easy with the right tools and a basic understanding of this fairly simple process..continue..

Whether you're installing a light fixture or replacing an electrical outlet, at some point you need to strip and splice wires. Most electrical projects require splicing wires together. While doing so might sound intimidating, with the right tools most anyone can strip and splice wires. If you're feeling ambitious and you have that light fixture in place, now's the time to learn how..continue..

Wires may be connected by joints, as well. If the joints are "bad," there will be poor electrical connections and the electricity may not get where it should be going. Connecting wires securely is referred to as splicing or joining. To be considered well-done, a joint must be mechanically sound. That means there will be a good electrical connection. The joints will not fall apart easily even if it is not soldered or connected with electrical connectors..continue..

When connecting two separate cables together, it is necessary to splice cable in order to create one cable. There are five steps required to splice cable: check compatibility, cut the cable, strip the wire coating, attach the cables together, and cover. The tools needed to splice cable are wire cutters, needle nose pliers, wire strippers, and electrical tape..continue..

The Western Union splice works best to splice together small, solid conductors. It is the most common type of wire splice. To make the Western Union splice, first remove about five inches of insulation from both wires and cross the exposed wires. Wrap one wire around the other five or six times, and then do the same with the other. Cut the excess wires off and pinch the ends down with pliers. Solder the joint together and wrap tape around it..continue..

This chapter will assist you in learning the basic skills of proper wiring techniques. It explains the different ways to terminate and splice electrical conductors. It also discusses various soldering techniques that will assist you in mastering the basic soldering skills. The chapter ends with a discussion of the procedure to be followed when you lace wire bundles within electrical and electronic equipment. ..continue..


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