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One of the most useful forms of energy ever utilized is in the form of electricity. It is a primary if not the sole contributor in the advent on human history and civilization. It is almost impossible to imagine living today without electric power. Without it, you won't be reading this blog, since nothing will power your computer.continue..

Basic Components of Overhead Power Lines 
The most common way method of transmitting power is through overhead power lines. It is relatively less costly, visible detection of faults, repair and maintenance is easier compared to underground system. The following are the basic components of an overhead power line (click on links to see pic):.continue..

Uses of the single-line diagram 
The single-line diagram may be used in a number of important ways in operating and maintaining an industrial or commercial power distribution system. Frequently, the single-line diagram, with all of the listed information, becomes too crowded for information to be used effectively in some of the operating activities..continue..

What is the World's Longest Submarine Power Cable 
Submarine cable system is one of the most common engineering solutions when distributing power or information in areas that are bounded by bodies of water, wherein overhead system is no longer practical. (More info in here). But have you ever wonder what is the longest submarine power cable that is operating today?..continue..

Planning Stages of Transmission Lines 
Transmission Planning is purposed to define a transmission system or its expansions as to comply with the electric energy demand at specified quality and reliability criteria at a minimum cost. Planning process should be continuous, should have an interactive structure as to make an optimized future evolution use..continue..

Transmission Lines Voltage Evolution and Selection 
Electricity has been used as a major energy source since the late 19th century. The first three phase alternating current transmission started in 1891, a 175 km long line supplying electricity to an electrical engineering exhibition in Frankfurt and Main Germany. A power of about 200 kW was transmitted by this line operating at 40 Hz..continue..

Most books on transmission and distribution electrical engineering are student texts that focus on theory, brief overviews, or specialised monographs. Colin Bayliss and Brian Hardy have produced a unique and comprehensive handbook aimed squarely at practising engineers and planners involved in all aspects of getting electricity from the power plant to the user via the power grid...continue..

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