This project is a flashing led circuit powered by 555 timer IC.This flasher circuit is composed of two versions, the simple led flasher  that uses only two LED, and big flasher that consists 20  LEDs. Simple LED Flasher circuit is powered from a 6V to 12V battery and delivers a current of about 20mA to LED. The frequency of the flashing on both LED is controlled by 100K potentiometer connected between the discharge and trigger pin of 555 timer IC. The rate of flash ranges from 1blink per 2 seconds up to 10 flashes per sec. continue..


This simple converter project uses 7805 IC to convert 12V dc from a battery to 5V DC. This converter also can be made even only one component, the 7805 regulator. Converter can produce a maximum current of 1.5A (with heatsink) at 5V from an input of 8V to 15V. The capacitors are optional and can be omitted.
This is suitable for powering devices that uses 5V DC such as chargers,USB devices and others  continue..

This project is all about dual fan temperature controller project for CPU and computer hardware. Similar to CPU fan temperature controller project  this version of  temperature controller is easy to build, materials are minimal and very low cost.The dual fan controller in this project is composed of a temperature-controlled resistor (thermistor), LM393 voltage comparator (control circuit) and an IRFZ2N4 NPN metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (mosfet).  continue..

This simple ipod charger is powered by a 6V battery or a 9V battery. This charger is easy to construct even by a non-electronic inclined person.The charger delivers 150mA to 200mA current to you cellphone or iPod.

Initially, the voltage output  from 220V to 12V converter is fed to the input of LM317 regulator. Then this voltage is regulated down to 7.37V using 240 ohms and 1.2K resistor combination (see LM317 Calculator).
At this instant, the battery is in charging mode and the transistor Q1 is off. Indicator LED serves two purpose, one primarily is to give us idea that the battery is charging and another is to ensure that the Q1 is off. During brownouts, the transistor Q1 is on and delivers current to 16 white LED of about 20mA each, thus a fully charged battery (6V/4.5Ah) can last up to 14 hours.continue..

Solar power is a good and clean source of electricity.But  before it is used in houses, it is first used to charge battery then the battery, with the help of inverter circuits, will power up household appliances like lights and TV sets.During hot...continue..

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