On the home repair scale of 1 to 10 (10 being hardest), repairing a fluorescent fixture is a 3 or 4... fairly simple but some basic electrical skills are necessary, such as being able to identify wires by color, stripping insulation from the ends of cut wires, installing wire nuts and reading instructions.  I added the first and last with tongue in cheek... I know most of you are not color-blind and most of you can read... or you wouldn't be here!.continue..


Changing a burned-out fluorescent lightbulb is only a bit harder than replacing a conventional one. Here we'll walk you through it and help troubleshoot a couple of possible problems.continue..

The fluorescent light remains one f the most poplar form of lighting despite the many  advancements made in recent years. Though many other more fanciful forms of lighting fixtures have been gaining popularity, fluorescent lights have remained strong in the market due to it’s relatively cheap price, readily available parts and easy maintenance.continue..

The most advantageous aspect is the brightness. The light emitted by the fluorescent is white light as compared to the normal filament bulbs which emits a dull yellow light. Tough it has been argued that this kind of light can be more stressful on the eyes, the popularity has remained simply because of the fact that we can see clearly under such light.continue..

To mount a typical fluorescent ceiling fixture, first use a stud finder to find ceiling joists. If none are available where you wish to hang the fixture, you can use toggle bolts to anchor it in the drywall. Either way, make sure your drill and hardware are accessible.
1) First, remove the cover and make any connections within the fixture, as specified by the manufacturer. Use wire nuts for splices. You may also need to add pigtails and a grounding jumper to bridge the gaps between internal fixture wires and the point where cable enters the fixture.continue..

How does a fluorescent lamp work? In a fluorescent circuit, beginning at the left-hand prong of the plug, current goes through the ballast, through one of the lamp filaments, through the closed switch in the starter, through the other filament in the lamp, and out the right-hand prong of the plug. The current heats the two small elements in the ends of the fluorescent tube; then the starter opens and current flows through the lamp.continue..

When most people think of lighting and lamps, they think of the incandescent light bulb developed by Thomas Edison and other inventors. Incandescent light bulbs work by using electricity and a filament. Heated by electricity, the filament inside the light bulb exhibits resistance that results in high temperatures that causes the filament to glow and emit light. Arc or vapor lamps work in a different way (fluorescents fall under this category), the light is not created from heat, the light is created from the chemical reactions that occur when electricity is applied to different gases enclosed in a glass vacuum chamber.continue..

Many Filipinos acknowledge Agapito Flores as the inventor of the fluorescent lamp, which is the most widely used source of lighting in the world today. The fluorescent lamp reportedly got its name from Flores. Written articles about Flores said he was born in Bantayan Island in Cebu. The fluorescent lamp, however, was not invented in a particular year. It was the product of 79 years of the development of the lighting method that began with the invention of the electric light bulb by Thomas Edison.continue..

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