Elements of Car Conversion 
  • Almost any vehicle can be converted to electric. Many people prefer to pick a vehicle that is light and aerodynamic in order to maximize distance traveled per battery charge. There must also be adequate room and load capacity for batteries.
  • The battery pack, which provides a source of electrical power. The most commonly available and affordable batteries are lead-acid flooded type. Next are the AGM (Absorption Glass Mat) sealed maintenance free batteries, a little more powerful and expensive. Then there are the more exotic batteries like Ni-MH and Li-ion; more difficult to find but light and longer lasting, maintenance free, and much more expensive. The new lithium batteries are showing some promise for EVs in the near future.
  • The charger which restores energy to the batteries (which may be mounted within the vehicle or at a special charging station at some fixed location)
  • The power controller, which regulates the flow of energy between the battery and the electric motor(s), controlled by an electronic throttle.
  • One or more electric motors and their mechanical attachment to the driveline
  • Power conductors connecting the battery, controller, and motor(s)
  • Accessory equipment to power auxiliary equipment such as power brakes and heating system
  • Control circuitry and equipment to allow control and interlocking of the various components
  • Instrumentation specific to the operation and maintenance of the conversion.continue..

Electric Conversion Made Easy at is the most complete conversion guide we've reviewed to date. Some of the information in this guide has taken us (and no doubt other pioneering converters) a lot of research time plus trial and error to learn.This guide will take you from ideas onto a detailed action plan and then all the way to the finishing of a electric car conversion...continue..

Software Download for Electric Car Conversion 
Build Your Own Electric Vehicle Seth Leitman McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics September 23, 2008 Go Green-Go Electric!Faster, Cheaper, More....continue..

Electric Car Conversion ebook for Windows. Excerpt: The slowly rising prices on fuel and the nation’s concern on the environment has started to put people’s minds in a mode that makes them seek for better remedies of driving vehicles on the cheap. One of those alternatives is an EV (Electric Vehicle). Sure, you can go buy a hybrid and end your problem there but what if you don’t have the money to buy a brand new hybrid? Then your next bet is to implement a DIY electric car conversion kit. By converting your vehicle to run on volts and current, you’ll enjoy driving in a unique vehicle, saving truck loads of money per year by owning one. There are many other benefits of driving an electric vehicle..continue..

How easy is it to install a kit? Manuals provided with the kit give detailed instructions on how to convert your vehicle. Depending on your mechanical experience you may need to solicit some guidance from a local mechanic. Some of our customers have involved their local high school automotive class in the project.

How far will the vehicle be able to travel before needing to be recharged? Most car conversions have a range of 25-35 miles and most truck conversions have a range of 45-50 miles which can be doubled or tripled with Lithium batteries (cost approximately $15,000 to $25,000 US). It is important to note that the life expectancy of Lithium batteries is unproven...continue..

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